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Company Formation and Legalization in Qatar

Establishing a company in Qatar requires a certain level of due care and an appropriate decision-making process prior to set up the business. We will advise you on the appropriate legal structures. Also, we will advise you on the process of submitting the required documents in the prescribed formats, sequential order of completion of the process and follow-ups in the relevant governmental bodies.

Qatar is no doubt one of the rapidly growing economies in the world with its high per capita income and largest gas supply. Its policies are aligned with their vision to be attractive to foreign investors. The state of Qatar has amended its policies permitting foreign investors to have 100% ownership in certain sectors including agriculture, industry, health, education, tourism, development, and exploitation of natural resources, etc.

Now is the best time to put one’s dream business ventures in Qatar. Embrace investment incentives, strategic developments, banking services, insurance policies, political and social stability while building up a robust business in Qatar.

We can propose the most beneficial decision making to take under the terms and conditions of the Qatar Companies Commercial Law.


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