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Qatar and UAE Levy Zero Taxes on Citizens

Taxation in the Middle East is commonly based on indirect taxes like exporting of goods, services, and more custom duties. Through this, tax becomes less prevalent and the government need not impose higher taxes. Thus,  citizens enjoy the privilege of low prices and more government assistance while the government on the other hand is clearly not pressured ruling its nation. Moreover, unlike many other countries that are demanding on high taxes, citizens in Qatar are more likely willing to pay their taxes.

The tax system in the United Arab Emirates is full of surprises. This guide tells you everything you need to know; from the quirky lack of income tax and the special business tax-free zones to property levies and VAT.

Fun fact about the tax system in the United Arab Emirates: there’s no federal income tax. However, in spite of this enormous fiscal advantage, you shouldn’t start packing your bags, thinking you’re getting away scot-free – just yet. This guide details which taxes you will still have to pay as an individual or as a business while residing in the United Arab Emirates.


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