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All You Need to Know About Mandoob Services in Qatar

Also known as PRO services, Mandoob services in Qatar has promoted the entry of migrants and developed the expat population to advance in their career. It has simplified business, employment, legal services and much more for the country’s economic development. In other words, Mandoob services work with governmental applications and documents, such as customs, attestation, company licence renewal, visa, labour and immigration.

If you are new to the legal world, chances are that you need a reliable Mandoob service to conduct further procedures. Reliable services have experience in dealing with legal proceedings in Qatar with their effective staff, which saves the customer’s time and money. At AAIQA, we guarantee 100 per cent efficiency in our guidance through services, such as:

Document Attestation Services

Mandoob services legalise international documents for corporate structuring, company formation and PRO service requirements.

Visa and Licencing Services

In Qatar, the Labour Law insists that all employees acquire a labour card and resident permit. Our services include:

    • Individual services
    • Commercial registration amendments and renewals
    • Immigrant card application
    • Acquirement and renewal of regulatory licences and approvals
    • Share transfer assistance
    • Trade Licence renewals and applications
    • Registrations and Licences


  • Individual and visa procedures
    • Labour quota applications and assistance
    • Visa processing, renewal and cancellation
    • Certificate stamping from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Resident, employee and family visa
    • Application for refund of bank guarantees by The Ministry of labour
    • Driving licence applications and assistance
    • VIP service for medical examination


  • Company Renewal

We register various licences that need to be done to form an organisation, which would be a corporate, sole partnership, commercial representation office or institution. We help in renewing the subscription of The Qatar Chamber of Trade and Commerce, along with the civil defence licence, commercial registry licence and municipal licence. We also transfer information to and from the company’s headquarters, municipal licence, commercial registry and authorised people.


  • Custom duties

Mandoob services have taxes levied on products, which boost the import and export industries.


  • MOFA attestation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) must attest documents, and approve the use of such documents in Qatar.


  • Vehicle registrations

Register your personal and commercial vehicles for easy commuting in Qatar. We guide you through the process of the car technical examination, driving licence, passing permission, car ownership and car application, parking licence, etc.


  • Identification and labour quota

The workers must have valid identification and labour quota cards when working at the organisation. Working with The Ministry of Labour, we make and renew labour contracts. We apply for new manpower, modify labour approvals, help change professions in your Qatar ID and issue work permits as needed.

How have Mandoob services improved the Qatari economy?

Effective Mandoob services in Qatar enjoy several global investments, which has facilitated clients to enjoy improved services in trade, business and employment. It has significantly boosted Qatar’s economy, which again contributes to the growth of development in business.

Working through several rules, regulations and compliances is a time-consuming, expensive and overwhelming experience for any newcomer to Qatar. If you are looking for reliable Mandoob services in Qatar, contact us at Federal Experts Consultancy LLC.

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