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Qatar’s Commercial Bank Rolls Out Online Service for Tax Payments

Qatar’s largest private sector bank, Commercial Bank, has teamed with the General Tax Authority (GTA) to offer a direct payment service whereby funds from the taxpayer’s account are transmitted to the authority’s account to initiate the process of paying tax obligations, according to a Tuesday (Nov. 16) press release.

The direct payment service is available to all Commercial Bank public and private sector corporate and enterprise customers. The service is available through an integration that allows Commercial Bank customers to make online payments via the Corporate Internet Banking platform of the bank.

FinTech firms are partnering with organizations and merging with like-minded companies to expand services like Commercial Bank. This week, BM Technologies Inc. announced a merger with First Sound Bank to enable the expansion of the newly named BMTX Bank’s banking-as-a-service (BaaS) offering, in addition to its direct-to-consumer endeavors, according to PYMNTS. 

Meanwhile, Paymentus, a unified platform for billing companies, is working to step up the online bill payment platform to make it even easier for customers to schedule and pay bills, the company president and CEO Dushyant Sharma told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in a recent interview.

The company’s new platform strives to automate and improve bill payment by providing customers the option to pay from anywhere, using any device and payment method of their choice. 

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