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In the most urgent situations, businesses need to stabilize their finances and improve their operations to preserve value. Working with management, investment bankers, lawyers, and other professionals, we help companies improve results for the benefit of all stakeholders. We work with short- and long-term horizons, and our efforts are designed to have immediate, material, and quantifiable positive impacts.


Sometimes businesses go through tough times and struggle. When this happens, having access to turnaround consulting can be the difference between having an asset to sell or having nothing. The Equity & Advisory team understands complexities facing businesses in today’s environment. Our professionals have experience in restructuring and refinancing businesses to alleviate debt and cash flow problems. Our aim is to build financial stability and profitability into your business by working with management and stakeholders including your  financiers where possible to avoid administration and/or insolvency. In some cases we may also look for external investors to add expertise or equity into the business if the owners agree it will help their recovery.


The early stages of business distress often do not feel like a crisis, but ignoring the symptoms always make the problems compound. Your company may benefit from our turnaround consulting services if:

  •  You regularly struggle to make payroll.
  •  Your debt keeps increasing or debt payments are eating up your cash.
  •  Vendors and contractors are asking about late bills or threatening to stop doing business with you.
  •  Your sales are growing but you never have enough cash available.
  •  Your company is suddenly unprofitable, and your accounting staff is unable to tell you why.
  • Your company is consistently profitable, but you are running out of cash.

We turnaround consultant corrects business losses, bad debt structures, cash shortfalls, and other factors that have put the business into its cash crisis.

Crisis management is different from normal business management – are you experienced in turnarounds? We will prioritize your cash flow management, work with your lenders, and do what is needed to get your business back on track – and poised for new growth.

Our track record in revamping distressed businesses and turning around non-performing assets and operations is second to none in Australia. If you are looking to restore profitability or maximise your business value prior to selling, we are the team to speak with.

One of the top issues keeping your business from growing the way you would like is its financial management. That is, you just can’t get the numbers together to tell you where your biggest risks and opportunities are going forward, let alone the roadmap to growth and sound financial health.

Your bookkeeping staff is doing a bang-up job keeping up with tax and compliance issues, but just lacks the experience and knowledge to generate the kinds of reports and numbers you need to push your business to the next level and the level after that.

You’re even debating whether it’s time to hire a chief financial officer with experience in your industry who can start providing you and your board of directors the kind of valuable information to feed the next growth cycle. But an experienced CFO won’t come cheap, and that’s a big financial commitment for a small and growing company.

Federal Expert Consultancy’s CFO services are designed to help your organization build and optimize your finance target operating model, and modernize the office of the chief financial officer. We help finance leaders establish themselves as experienced professionals within the organization and pair our extensive finance and accounting knowledge with a holistic view of your organization, including digital and business transformation services to enhance overall business value. The challenges of managing a startup or a growing business or as a matter of fact any business, are extraordinary! Managing your business’s finances, compliances, corporate governance, and addressing strategic requirements are important tasks and one cannot afford negligence in these areas. Moreover, every entrepreneur needs a source for strategic advice, and daily support to meet his/her financial and technical accounting requirements. Federal Expert Consultancy, Qatar’s leading CFO services provider, helps companies, right from their incubation days until they become a large Public Company.

Federal Experts Consultancy specializes in internal and management audits, which are primarily conducted in order to provide your company’s management with a clear, comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the functional efficiency of the organization and to suggest possible areas for improvements. We, at FEC, strongly believe in internal and management audits being a value addition exercise rather than a mere compliance exercise.

FEC firmly believes in providing value added services through highest levels of professional competency and integrity to its clients. Our internal and management audit services are designed to suit individual client specific needs. It can provide you assistance in managing your key business concerns, be it achieving your strategic business goals, meeting operational challenges, complying with regulatory norms or managing reporting requirements. Our teams have extensive experience in providing internal audit, corporate governance, risk management, compliance and other advisory services for clients across various sectors and tailoring our methodologies to best fit the needs of the organization.

Our internal and management audits focus on:

  • Critical evaluation of internal controls adopted by organizations and suggesting areas for strengthening
  • Review of existing business processes, policies and practices with a view to suggest best practices, including a thorough benchmarking exercise
  • Review of Risk Management Framework and its effectiveness with a view to provide suggestions for strengthening the same
  • Constructive review of operations by keeping the client’s business needs in focus
  • Identification and recommendation of areas for cost reduction, revenue optimization and improvement in operational efficiency followed by assistance in their implementation
  • Providing result oriented and practical solutions followed by support for its implementation
  • Confirmation of proper compliance with the various regulatory provisions and operational manuals
  • Assisting in meeting the clients’ Corporate Governance requirements

Our internal and management audit services include:

  • Complete outsourcing of internal audit function
  • Co-sourcing and supplementing internal audit function along with the existing capabilities of the client organization
  • Deputation of personnel to strengthen the internal audit function of client organization
  • Conducting concurrent audits with dedicated teams for more focused transaction audits as well as on-line auditing/pre-payment audits
  • Conducting operational audits through review of business operations, activities, etc.
  • Conducting special purpose investigative audits
  • Techno Commercial Concurrent Reviews

A business entity’s performance gets measured when an inspection is done in the book of accounts. Be it a start-up or a full-grown business entity, they can’t avoid maintaining the book of accounts. Even before the incorporation process, cash flows happen. So, it becomes a mandate to maintain these transactions. If you are planning to invest or establish a company in Qatar, you need to have a piece of knowledge regarding accounting and bookkeeping services.

The act of keeping records of events, be it personal or professional, has always been a part of us. History points us to evidence of how people kept records of crops and growth of herds in the past. They employed different strategies that helped them in decision making on whether to expect a surplus or a shortage of crops in a season. These different strategies for record-keeping have been translated into today’s accounting and bookkeeping systems which are used in the world of business.

Accounting is a definition of the process involved in keeping records of transactions of a business. Whereas, the transactions are recorded, outlined or summarized, analyzed and evaluated by subject-matter experts and specialists and used as a basis for decision making. Bookkeeping is a part of the process in accounting. It is a definition for the process of recording the transactions

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

1. Privacy

Outsourcing accounting services help in maintaining privacy. Maintaining the same in-house will end-up revealing confidential information.

2. Scalability

Initially, the requirement starts slow, but as it grows, the requirement expands. Hiring the professional services enables an organization to scale their needs and implement it accordingly.

3. Training

Hiring experts help in saving training costs. Be it manually or electronically, the in-house team needs the training to understand and implement it. In the case of an accounting professional, you don’t need to worry about that.

4. Maximization of Resources

Outsourcing accounting services not only minimizes training effort but will also help you in maximizing your resources. You can utilize them in business-related processes like expansion, strategy making, etc.

5. Ready Financials

If you deal with professional experts, you don’t need to think of every second step that needs to be implemented. Tax-ready financial statements would be prepared and presented in a less amount of time with accurate readings.

In the face of rapid change, organizations need dynamic business strategies that drive profitability amid disruption. Our Business Strategy team takes an enterprise-wide view to business transformation to help companies achieve their vision and make it a reality, from the planning and strategy-setting phase and throughout execution.

Our services include:

Transformation with focus and agility: Transformation is a business imperative for companies across all industries, and it begins with strategy. We work with clients to envision, develop and execute dynamic business strategies and operating models that drive profitability amid constant disruption.

Strategy through results: The promise of results often goes unrealized due to disconnect between the business model, the operating model and the transformation journey. Our teams at Federal Experts consultancy in Qatar help clients make the connection between strategy and execution.

Action begins with insight: Clients need to understand the impact of market disruptors on the business to overcome these challenges and seize emerging opportunities.

Our teams provide critical insights on disruptive forces and leading practices for navigating today’s fast-changing business environment.

Our experts are highly qualified to deliver the following services:

  • assessing and identifying new investment or growth opportunities
  • market entry strategies
  • defining financial metrics/targets and developing business plans
  • operating model redesign and alignment to the strategy
  • assistance in developing annual budgets in alignment with the overall strategy.

How we can help

Our professionals help clients articulate their three-to-five-year financial and performance targets considering their growth opportunities, cost efficiency needs, profitability, return on investment thresholds and risk appetite. From this starting point, we determine how their current business model, core business processes and operating models need to evolve to meet these goals.

In its simplest form, a financial projection is a forecast of future revenues and expenses. Typically the projection will account for internal or historical data and will include a prediction of external market factors.


In general, you will need to develop both short- and mid-term financial projections. A short-term projection accounts for the first year of your business, normally outlined month by month. A mid-term financial projection typically accounts for the coming three years of business, outlined year by year.


Your financial projection is your business plan in numbers. Many entrepreneurs find that preparing a financial forecast is the most intimidating aspect of developing a business plan. Even MBAs who have studied finance and accounting can have trouble figuring out just where to start. Federal Experts Consultancy can help.


Whether you are starting a brick-and-mortar small business or a high-growth tech venture, we can help you prepare a financial model appropriate for your specific situation.

Our financial modeling process will distill the essence of your business into a manageable number of core assumptions and cause-and-effect relationships so that you can distinguish between what’s important and what isn’t.


Planning out and working on your company’s financial projections each year could be one of the most important things you do for your business. The results–the formal projections–are often less important than the process itself. If nothing else, strategic planning allows you to “come up for air” from the daily problems of running the company, take stock of where your company is, and establish a clear course to follow.


Regular planning also helps your company deal with change, both inside and outside the company. By constantly reevaluating your company’s strengths, markets and competition, you’re better able to recognize problems and opportunities. You can react to new developments, rather than simply plugging along.


We can customize our financial forecast model to fit any type of business, or create a new financial model from scratch depending on the circumstances. The process is as much art as science and we have the experience to help you get it right.


When customizing the model for your needs, we strive to follow several guiding principles:


  1. We develop simplifying assumptions to reduce the number of “moving parts” in your business. This allows you and your audience to focus on a more manageable number of assumptions.


  1. We establish cause-and-effect relationships so that when one variable changes, everything that depends on that variable will also change. For example, your “tech support” headcount might be a function of the number of customers you have.

Business as usual is not usual any more. This is the age of disruption. Companies that survive – and thrive – are those that plan well and put smart bets for the future. Successful companies regularly scan their surroundings for opportunities and threats, demonstrate appreciation for their own capabilities, and weave innovation into the very fabric of their existence. Their strategic plans are not static and definitely not confined to the board room.


Strategic planning is the process of defining strategy and making decisions on allocating resources to follow this strategy. Your organization needs to employ strategic planning to optimize its resources, effort, and time. If you are seeking strategic planning services in Qatar, Federal Experts Consultancy will help you define and plan your individual and/or corporate strategy.


The best way to define and develop actions in a consistent manner is to implement strategic planning processes. Strategic planning is essential for any business entity since it sets out the course that an organization must follow to achieve the established goals.


Inclusive Strategic Planning Solutions

Our strategic planning services include:


  1. Providing strategic consultations
  2. Evaluating current strategies and developing the overall strategy
  3. Preparing new strategies and reorientation strategies
  4. Strategic planning for enterprises and departments
  5. Developing the short and long term executive and operational plan
  6. Preparing and evaluating the readiness of enterprises for resource planning and management systems
  7. Developing the administrative structure in line with the strategic plans
  8. Planning the implementation of the strategy in enterprises


Once the general objectives of the company have been established, we proceed to design, evaluate, and select the strategies that allow us to achieve these objectives in the best possible way. The process of designing, evaluating, and selecting strategies is as follows: Information on the external and internal analyzes is evaluated. The mission statement, values ​, and objectives are evaluated. The strategies that have been used before, are evaluated whether or not they had good results. A manageable series of feasible strategies are designed, taking into account the information analyzed at the previous point. The proposed strategies are evaluated. The advantages, disadvantages, costs, and benefits of each are determined. The strategies to be used are selected and classified according to their attractiveness.